In the world of marketing, people are frequently discussing about improving the perceived value of a product. To give you an example, Cadillac and Rolex are high valued product. They’re solely marketed to the elite and wealthy buyers. As an artist, on the other hand, this is where you wanted to tap into. But the question is, how would you be able to raise your art’s value in par of this client?

Your Move

The road is not going to be a straight path.

There will be challenges and all obstacles to overcome but if you are diligent, you’d do just fine.

One Step at a Time

So what’s the first thing that can be done here? Your initial action is by raising the prices of your artwork. Now, it seems to be easy but it is not. Artists may want to put a high tag on their work but it has to be done slowly. This way, new potential buyers would not be discouraged. Moreover, you must know what your current market can bear.

It will be highly recommended as well if you can add testimonials. This is extremely effective piece of marketing but the question is, where you can put your testimonials? As for starters, never ever put them to your own page. Instead, scatter it around. Put them on front page, in your blog near the “buy now” button on your page and so on.