Common Photography Mistake – Take Pictures Only In Automatic Mode

Every great photographer started out small and everyone made mistakes at the beginning. Whoever claims the opposite is lying. When we started out as photographers, we made many, many mistakes.

And of course, we still make mistakes today. It would be boring if not. You just never stop learning and that’s a good thing!

Fortunately, we have left typical beginner mistakes behind us relatively quickly and you should do that right away. So a common mistake is taking pictures only in automatic mode. You will never learn your camera’s other features if you just stick to auto mode especially of you want to explore nature shoots and wedding shoots.

Take pictures only in automatic mode

You should avoid these beginner mistakes, taking pictures only in automatic mode. This is one of the classic beginners’ mistakes. You buy an expensive SLR camera and just start taking pictures, of course in automatic mode. It’s also very simple and the pictures even look very good.

Of course, we did the same for a while and we were also happy with these automatic pictures for a short time. But that did not last long, because it quickly becomes apparent that it takes more than just the automatic mode to take good photos.

After we started to deal with topics such as aperture, manual exposure, and white balance, the ice was broken for us and we fell in love with our cameras and photography again.

Our pictures got better quickly and have gained more views on social sites. Our videos have gained more views without even the help of services to buy YouTube subscribers (  But of course, this kind of service is a great help for businesses trying to boost their YouTube Channel.

If you want to take good photos, you have to deal with the functionality and manual settings of your camera. From your feedback on our photography articles, we have learned that many fail precisely because of this camera technology.

The technology is actually not that complicated and can even be a lot of fun. This also resulted in our 22places online photo course, in which we explain the technology in simple terms and thus give our participants back the fun of photography.

And since that works, we can also take away your fear of technology with a clear conscience. Dare to use the manual settings, explore your camera and you will see that you will see a development very quickly.

What you should do to improve your photography skills?

If you are just starting to take pictures, immediately deal with the technical basics, and do not put it off in front of you. The result is that your camera will soon become dusty on the shelf and that would be a shame. Understanding your camera’s technology is not as difficult as you might think and you will not regret it and will quickly have more fun taking pictures.