So, you were able to get the chance of exhibiting your artwork and now, you want everything to be finalized. To make sure that everything will fall according to plan, you may want to follow this checklist. This is going to give you guidance on how to do your work.

Be mindful that the suggestion you’d get from here is focused more on 2D art but most of it is applicable regardless of the medium used.

Your Ticket to Success

Whether you like it or not, you must present a resume. This document should list all of your achievements to public when having artwork exhibition.

At the same time, it’s a component that plays a critical role to your blog, website or social media accounts; it shows your credibility as an artist.


In the event that you’re new to this, resume of an artist isn’t like the usual job resume where you put down your personal information and everything else you did. Rather, an artist’s resume is more of the dates of your past shows which includes:

  • Group and solo exhibits
  • Articles written regarding your work
  • Awards, honors and grants received

This will serve as your ticket in convincing art galleries and museums to showcase your work and thus, advance in your career.