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Leading and top artists are pretty generous in sharing their sketching tips for budding artists and be better on their works.

If you are one of these artists who are currently starting their career in the industry, then the tips discussed in this short article can help a lot in bridging the gaps. Of course, when it comes to sketching, what is every artist’s number tool? It’s none other than the pencils! If you have yours, then great, if not, then keep reading to learn how to buy and use one.

Get Used to it

It is vital for an artist to be using the right pencil for the work being done. The hardness of graphite is seen on the side of the pencil. For instance, B pencils are softer and H are harder while HB is in between.

You have to allocate time in doing research on the different types of pencils and figure out how each functions and will affect your sketches.

Have Control of the Pencil

Positioning your hand closer to the pencil’s end will give you more precision and control. However, holding the pencil further up creates less precision and control but it provides lighter strokes.

The way you will hold the pencil depends on what you are currently working on.