Sby Artist

A true artist knows what has to be done to come up with a truly amazing and remarkable piece of art. And one way of getting this done is by knowing and improving your strengths. According to positive psychologists Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson, actively practicing your biggest strengths and understanding how to use it can significantly boost your happiness and overall wellbeing.

Being able to capitalize onto your character strengths while working can also help in energizing yourself and result to a more fulfilling and productive career.

Take Advantage of Intrinsic Motivators

Extrinsic motivation is so out. According to Daniel H. Pink, a celebrated author, punishments and external rewards are not just ineffective in terms of motivating a person to deliver quality work but also, it can be harmful.

Harnessing internal drivers of success is where the focus should be at. This is otherwise called as intrinsic motivation. Now, in order to get this done, you have to suspend the notion for a moment that you’re after a creative pursuit to become famous, gain praises, be appreciated and earn tons of money.

Putting You on the Right Path

Sure, it is fulfilling to aim for these things and you definitely have to garner enough success in an effort to support yourself. However, the best method of really creating remarkable work is by finding intrinsic motivators.