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Can you still recall the last time that you had the chance of opening up about your artwork? Despite the fact that you might have never got the privilege to be asked to become a guest speaker or as a visiting artist, you might still be considering for that day to come as there are lots of benefits that can be acquired as a professional.

Well, why would you wait when you can make it work? Here is a simple guide that you may try and do.

Use a Capture System throughout your Creative Process

What is actually meant by this is, to find a way on how to document your work’s progress and development. In addition to taking down notes, it will be wise as well to have digital photos or at least, scan pages digitally from your visual art journal.

Keep them to your computer so you can easily get back to it when needed.

Let Yourself to Reflect

If you do not like having a journal of your work, then push at writing your own working process. Write everything from the first to the execution of your work. Include information like where you’ve sourced the image, the technique or concept from? What were the things that have motivated you in coming up to these and what changes you made?

All of it will help you reflect and review your work.