Do you ever wonder where you can find time to paint? If you are thinking of using your spare time to paint, then you may be quick to conclude that it is just impossible. You are struggling already in finding a clear space and getting your paint sets and sometimes, it is even hard to manage.

Is this the End?

You should work on color mixing techniques, have the guts of trying new paint color and of course, do more work on your sketchbook.

Then again, there comes your job, socialization with friends and family. Basically responsibilities that can’t be overlooked.

And now, you begin to wonder whether you keep on going or you give up. Perhaps, there’s a better strategy that may be used which not necessarily demand great deal of your time and effort to attain better results.

Isn’t it difficult to be creative when you’re already living a busy life? Actually, there’s a way and it is fairly simple.

Paint w/ One Color a Week

Is there a rulebook stating that you need to complete your painting in one sitting? No one right? It is just that, we get used to seeing artists on movies or TV series that they’re as if completed the painting in just a single sitting.