Vacuum Cleaner Designs According to Type

It won’t be a surprise to see various types of vacuum cleaners in the market. Each type have unique designs that would perfectly fit the customers preference and could be a form of artwork selling and technology. Moreover, various types of vacuum cleaners also have different working mechanisms and different purposes for use.

Designs and Types of Vacuum Cleaners

In order to give you an insight and help you visualize the design of vacuum cleaner that you want to purchase, discussed below are the designs of vacuum cleaners based on its type.

1. Upright type

This type of vacuum cleaner contains a cleaning head. The cleaning head or the base is usually a combination of handle and bag that are incorporated directly to the base and the brush-roll.

2. Canister type

Also known as the cylinder type, this type contains a motor and dust collector that are included in another unit. The process of vacuuming is commonly performed by utilizing a vacuum with hose that is usually attached at the end. Further, it can either be bag or bagless.

The canister type is the most popular type of vacuum cleaner in Europe.

3. Backpack type

Compared to the canister type of vacuum cleaner, this one is smaller and that it can be carried on the back. This design allows you to move freely and quickly while doing the vacuum cleaning process without having to pull the cleaning machine.

4. Drum type

Another type of vacuum cleaner is the drum type which is designed as a substantial industrial form of the canister type. The large drum is usually located in vertical position where a stand can be incorporated.

5. Wet / dry type

The wet / dry type is a subcategory of the drum type. For the purpose of vacuuming liquids without damaging the vacuum machine is the reason for designing this type.

6. Pneumatic type

Subcategorized under the industrial wet / dry type is the pneumatic type. Usually, it is connected with air compressor.

7. Cyclonic type

Cyclonic type don’t have filters but is used to isolate impurity through cyclonic separation. Vortex creation is produced in cases that dust gets into the cleaner and hits the cylinder wall and stays there.

8. Hand-held type

A small cleaning tool that is operated either through batteries or via the main power sources.

9. Built-in type

Generally, this type is already part of the building construction process. A canister type vacuum is placed permanently elsewhere in the building where pipes are instilled in the walls. The piping are connected to every room inside the building.

10. Constellation

Hovercraft is the model for this type. Literally, it looks like a hovercraft in which the vacuum is floated over the exhaust. However, this model was already discontinued.