Visual Artists Advice in Using TikTok

Creating and sharing your masterpiece through short videos becomes possible through the utilization of the mobile media app – the TikTok. TikTok is generally a platform that is created for making content and building community. Nowadays, many artists dominate this platform in order to promote their arts and collaborate with their fans. 

TikTok has been utilized in almost 155 countries for around 75 languages.

Most people like to see those artists behind their masterpiece. The best thing to do is to make yourself out of the open and connect it digitally with people. Actually, through social media, like TikTok, promoting and selling artwork is not easy but is doable.

How Do Artists Use TikTok?

Through an open mind and sufficient bandwidth to manage the chaos is the best thing to do. Within the TikTok industry, there are so many things waiting to be discovered and created. At the same time, exploring the art of TikTok can give the feeling of excitement and overwhelm. Yet, be patient in familiarizing the platform.

Here are the few visual artists that already use TikTok as a tool for their work. Check them out and learn their tricks because Gaining TikTok Fans Quickly is easy with these tips!

Miranda the Hybrid

She is an author, illustrator, and, at the same time an art teacher. Miranda the Hybrid makes an amazing name on TikTok by her tutorials and tips for co-artists. Aside from that, she also makes critiques of the works of other artists

Miranda’s piece of advice for artists is to go to the platform with their unique glory including a sense of humor. Even though art is actually an interesting category on TikTok, viewers want to relate with the artist in a way that is somehow casual and a little bit personal.

Mary Clare Teller

Discover the creative features of TikTok to broaden your reach and promote your masterpiece. That’s how Mary Clare expressed her TikTok journey. She is a digital illustrator from Cincinnati and she knows some of the TikTok’s features such as the duets and challenges. Mary Clare is making use of those for promoting her wonderful portraits. 


For Josh McQuary or McMonster, sharing your artistic style by posting time lapse videos on TikTok is one of the ways for him to showcase his masterpiece. He is an artist who makes use of ink and water color in creating his hypnotic paintings. McMonster creates videos of his paintings and shares them via TikTok.