Zoo Animals and Your Job to Keep them in a Great Place

Picture this, you’ve been given the honor to design zoo exhibit in your local zoo. This may seem to be a farfetched idea but stay with me. Let us try to break it down to steps that you may take that can help you get through the process. Much like with any engineering feat, the very first thing that must be done is to identify the requirements. These are made up of constraints and criteria which will set as your guide.

Understanding 2Cs

You ought to decide how you would be measuring the success of the design for the zoo exhibit. Remember this, the criteria and constraints will play an important role in it. If you want to buy a two story one and then design it, this will all fall to knowing the constraints and criteria of the project. This is the exact reason why it’s important in guiding you on how the process would carry out.

Believe it or not, many of the zoos today have scientific constraints as well. Just like in the Smithsonian national Zoological Park, almost a quarter of the animals housed there are considered to be endangered species already. Thus, you might have this constraint of picking endangered species. The zoo may require you to educate zoo goers about local animals which should be exhibited as part of the zoo’s theme.

Choosing the Animals

The next thing to do is to source the animals for the exhibition. Research showed that people have specific preferences with regards to seeing animals in a zoo.

Bigger animals are actually more popular compared to smaller animals. However, not all exhibits have ample space for such animals, more so an elephant. Of course, attractive animals always win the hearts of people compared to the not so beautiful ones. But does your budget allow a panda? Again, you need to be smart and careful with the selection of animals for the given purpose and theme.

Designing and Achieving the Animal’s Natural Habitat

Zoos are concerned with the health and welfare of its animals. People love to see the same as well. So it is your job to ensure that these animals, even though they are in an enclosed location would not feel that they are in one.